Order is Key Inc - Cleaning Company


House Cleaning Services Checklist


All areas

  • Dust surfaces
  • Dust and hand wipe furniture tops
  • Dust ceiling fans
  • Vacuum carpets
  • Vacuum and damp mop floors
  • Dust furniture
  • Dust pictures frames
  • Dust lamp and lamp shade
  • Empty all trash
  • Dust blinds and window sills
  • Sheets changed upon request. Have new set available. 

Bathroom Cleaning

  • Clean and disinfect surfaces
  • Clean and disinfect showers and tubs
  • Clean and disinfect toilets inside and out
  • Shine fixtures
Kitchen Cleaning
  • Clean and disinfect counter tops
  • Clean and disinfect sink
  • Clean and disinfect microwave inside and out
  • Clean and disinfect outside of oven and top of range
  • Clean and disinfect outside of dishwasher
  • Clean and disinfect outside of refrigerator
  • Clean and disinfect kitchen table
  • Wipe down large appliances
  • Everything included in the regular cleaning plus:
  • Damp wipe all ceiling fans and reachable vents
  • Damp wipe door panels and frames
  • Vacuum upholstered furniture
  • Dust ceiling corners and remove cobwebs
  • Damp wipe kitchen and bathroom cabinet fronts
  • Wipe down all light fixtures inside/out
  • Dust and wipe reachable vents
  • Scrub tile walls; Remove hard water stains
  • Dust and polish wood furnishings
  • Damp wipe baseboards
  • Polish stainless-steel appliances
  • Dust and damp wipe behind moveable furniture
  • Clean and Sanitize counter, sinks, mirrors, & backsplash
  • Clean & sanitize shower and tub (doors, tracks, inside/out
  • Dust and wipe down stair cases and banisters
  • Everything included in the regular and deep clean plus:
  • Dust and damp wipe down all interior closets and shelves


  • Interior Windows
  • Interior Oven
  • Interior Refrigerator
  • Interior Cabinets
  • Interior Dishwasher