Move In Out Cleaning: Virginia Beach

Many rental apartments have move out checklists, but cleaning is important whether that exists or not. Homeowners can get tied up in the stress of a move and we don’t blame them, but cleaning your old home and your new one, are both important tasks.

Before moving in is the best time you’ll ever find to clean your home. With no furniture in place, the job is quick and painless compared to navigating your way around once you’re fully moved in.

And when it comes to move out cleaning, you may think it’s a waste, but ensuring the next owners of your home have a clean space to move into is beneficial to everyone involved.

At Order Is Key Cleaning, our years in the industry have helped us become a leader when it comes to professional cleaning services in Virginia Beach, and we’d love to help you with your move!

The Importance of a Clean Home

On top of looking great, there are health benefits that come with having a clean home. While you may not notice a buildup of dust, it is affecting your air quality. Stop the spread of bacteria by cleaning up after the previous owners of your new home.

Move in cleaning will make that new living space seem all the better once you’re there. Instead of dumping boxes on dusty grimy floors, you’ll be starting with a clean slate.

Our previous Virginia Beach clients all agree, that starting off with a clean home helped them get everything else set up properly.

Our Process

Remember that standard move out of apartment cleaning list you got in a college dorm or your first apartment? We work in a similar way. An empty home has certain points that need attention and we’re experts at getting them all spotless.


Any Virginia Beach homeowner in the processing of moving out can tell you that kitchens build up a surprising amount of dirt. We clean sinks and taps, de-grease every surface, scrub out the insides of cupboards, clean floors, and of course your fridge, stove, and microwave if it’s staying behind.


While people tend to clean bathrooms more thoroughly than kitchens, it’s still a space that requires work. The inside of your bathtub/shower, toilet, cupboards and fixtures, as well as light fittings will all need a good cleaning.


If your bathroom includes carpeting, move out carpet cleaning will be on the top of our list. Closets and walls will also be tackled.


Any other room in your home we address on a per-client basis, but we have been known to clean windows internally and externally as well as tidy up a laundry room or two!

The Order Is Key Cleaning Touch

We’re dedicated to the work we do and like to think we add a special touch to every project that comes our way.

Licensed, bonded, and insured, the Order Is Key Cleaning team will show up to your new home and old one with a smile, and clean with intensity.

Move into the cleanest home you’ve ever seen. Call us about our moving house cleaning services today!